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New African Fashion is sold worldwide so it’s always exciting when someone sees it in a book store or boutique, or receives it in the post, and sends in a photo to prove it. Please keep them coming!

In the meantime, here’s just a few of the expected – and not so unexpected – places NAF has been spotted:

College daze: At the Heritage1960 pop-up shop at Columbia University’s 2012 African Economic Forum, where H1960’s Enyinne Owunwanne, BET’s Lola Ogunnaike, Max Osterweis from Suno, model Georgie Badiel and Helen Jennings spoke on an African fashion panel in April…

… And here’s one of the day’s happy customers!

Legs eleven: At Temple Muse in Lagos.

Hot to trot: At the elegant gallery / bookstore Clic in Soho, NYC, where NAF was keeping good company next to Gentlemen of Bacongo.

Southside: Keeping more eclectic company at Crow On The Hill, a local bookshop in Crystal Palace, London. What does Noah knit?

In flight: At the Mombasa Airport gift shop.

Tapped and unwrapped: One Nigerian Boy got his NAF on Amazon and then showed it some Tumblr lovin’.

Arty: At the Tate Modern, London.

Strike a pose: Barnes & Noble, NYC.

Well travelled: Exclus1ve Books, Cape Town.

Doll face: At Kluk CGDT‘s Johannesburg boudoir.

Front and centre: In the window of the store at Studio Museum Harlem, NYC.

Downtown: Signed copies at St Marks Bookstore, Lower East Side, NYC.

Live from the coast: Emeka Alams got mail in Abidjan.

Boxing clever: Among other pretty things from H1960.

So> Where did you spy yours?

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